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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for the BOM Tool Access?

It's free to sign up and access the BOM tool, simply register an account here.

What type of files does it support on upload?

You can upload a list of parts in XLS or CSV file formats.

How many line items can I upload per BOM?

It's free to upload BOMs up to 250 line items per list. Please contact should you need a premium account with higher limits.

Can I save my BOMs?

Yes, you can save, edit and delete multiple BOMs within your account.

How do I share my BOM with my team or management?

You can export completed BOMs with best price matches from distributors to share with colleagues. You can also create team accounts should you require multiple access from users.

Where does your data come from?

We recieve data directly from all our electronics distributor and manufacturer partners. This means the data and information shown is often in real-time or updated daily, to ensure stock and pricing accuracy.

Why isn't my BoM returning any results?

Please check you are using the correct clean manufacturer part number (MPN) and not including any descriptions, categories, manufacturers etc. eg NRF52-DK

Who can we speak to if we need help with our BOM?

You can reach us and request help using the chat icon in the bottom right of the page.