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Frequently Asked Questions

See our commonly asked questions below for help using the BOM tool. If you have any further questions or require any help, you can Chat to Us using the messenger or Email Us.

What is a BOM and what is the BOM tool used for?

In electronics, a BOM (or bill of materials) is a list of components you need for an end product. The BOM tool allows you to upload this list of part numbers and get real time information back on stock levels and pricing from distributors.

How do I create a new bill of materials using the BOM tool?

To create a new BOM go to the Manage page and select either Create a New BOM or Upload an Excel or CSV File. Then, simply follow the instructions to get started.

What file types can I upload with my list of parts?

Supported file formats include .xls, .xlsm, .xlsx, .csv and .tsv. You can also Download Sample File for help with supported columns.

What columns must I include in my BOM file?

The only required column is a manufacturer part number however it is highly recommended you also include your required quantity for each line.

Why should I enter a quantity?

Entering the quantity you require of a component can help us identify the product with the best price and stock holding for your project. Distributors of components will quite often have cheaper pricing as the required amount increases. If you don't enter a quantity we'll set it to 1, however this will affect the accuracy of your data.

What is the target price column for?

The target price could be the amount you currently pay for a part or could be a price set to keep within budget restraints. With the target pricing data we calculate the difference between this and the cost the suggested distributor charges. This means you can then quickly sort the data to find the biggest discrepancies.

How many line items can I upload per BOM?

As an unregistered user you can have 250 line items per BOM. You can however Sign Up for an account for free to get access to higher limits.

I am a registered user, how can I request more line items per BOM?

As a registered user, you can use the Account Upgrade form on the Manage page to request a higher limit of line items per BOM.

How do I share my BOM with my team or management?

You can export completed BOMs with best price matches from distributors to share with colleagues. For support with group or team accounts you can Chat to Us using the messenger or Email Us at

Where does your data come from?

We receive data directly from all our electronics distributor and manufacturer partners. This means the data and information shown is often in real-time or updated daily, to ensure stock and pricing accuracy.

Why isn't my BOM returning any results?

The BOM tool uses the manufacturer's part number to find data; check you are using the correct manufacturer part number (MPN) and not including any descriptions, categories, manufacturers etc. eg NRF52-DK

Who can I speak to if I need help with my BOM?

For further support you can Chat to Us using the messenger or Email Us at

I am not from the US, however the data being returned is based off US pricing. How can I fix this?

As a registered user, you can go to Profile Settings and change the data source to your country. You can Sign Up for an account for free to get access to this feature.

I can't buy from certain distributors, how can I filter them out?

Once a BOM has created, you can select the Choose Distributors button and uncheck any distributors you don't wish to use.